About the Artist

I am an artist based in Berkshire (UK).

I trained for four years at the Berkshire College of Art & Design studying both these disciplines, before moving into a career specialising in designing the interiors of international hotels. Throughout my career, I continued to hone my skills in painting and drawing, applying these in the presentation of my design ideas to clients.

Since 2009, I have refocused on art, applying the attention to detail that was so important in my design work, to portraits of animals and houses. I like to paint an image that goes beyond that of the photograph. In particular, in my animal portraits I strive to capture the personality of the subject bringing life and energy to them, portraying the animal from unusual angles, as if peeking inquisitively at the viewer.

My work can be viewed in Galleries and Exhibitions around the country and in private collections in the UK and overseas.

Please contact me to find out about forthcoming exhibitions and events where my work will be on display.