Commissioning a Portrait

Photographing tips

To commission a portrait I require several good quality photographs, it is important that they are as clear as possible, where pets are concerned, it is useful to have some detailed photos of the eyes & nose, as this information will help greatly in my capturing the character of your loved one.

Below are some useful tips:

Ideally photograph your pet outdoors or if not near a window with good natural daylight without flash, as this will help in capturing the true colours of the fur.

Where possible, photograph with the light behind you.

Photograph your pet at the same eye level and try to avoid looking down at your pet, lay on the ground if need be.

Unless you want a portrait of the whole body, fill the viewfinder with just the head and shoulders and not too much surrounding garden etc.

Take as many photographs as you can. You may want to decide what sort of pose before hand e.g. you may want a more relaxed look with its head resting on its paws or you may want a more alert look. A portrait can often look best if the subject is looking away from the camera, therefore it may help if you have someone else with you, perhaps holding a favourite toy to attract the pets attention.

For House portraits, decide which is your favourite view or angle; the portrait will look better at an angle, however slight rather than flat on. Needless to say your house will usually look best in sunny conditions and when the garden is at its best, either spring or summer. Some shadows cast by the sun will help with definition.

Remember, the better the photograph the better the painting.

I accept photographs by email, but it will help if you can send the same on CD, as emailed photos can differ in colour.

If sending photographs by post please make sure you have copies as I can not be responsible for them being lost in the post. Especially if they are photographs you previously had of a loved one who has sadly died.

All photographs will be returned with the finished portrait.